Monday, 22 August 2011

Lauren's tree

Have you all had a good weekend? Over here it has been like living in a beehive, with lots of hard work getting done, but also savouring some sweet honey in the form of quality family time! We've been swimming, walking, cycling and debating. Yes, there is always some form of live debate going on in our house! I tell you, you spend the first two years teaching your little darlings to speak, and when they truly get the hang of it, you start telling them to keep quiet! I don't know what it's like in your house, but I sometimes feel like I live in a cattle market. But, they're not to blame, after all, I'm a bit like a foghorn....very loud! Well, enough about that. I've been beavering away this weekend, and I'd like to show you the fruits of my labour! I'm on a bit of a roll with the old to-do-list, and I'm slowly ticking off all the projects that have been brewing in my mind for a l-o-n-g time. Following the playhouse make-over, I decided to tackle the kids' rooms next, starting with my daughter's room.

For months now I've wanted to try my hand at painting a tree mural in Lauren's room. At one point I thought I might just buy one of the many lovely wall stickers that are on the market right now...much easier to stick something on the wall than to paint it! But, the cheap skate side of me always wins, and I decided to use what I already had. I used some tester pots of paint, and set to work, and the tree is done!

OK, so I'm no Picasso, but I'm pleased with the end result. And more importantly, Lauren loves it! I really wanted to paint an owl, but I opted for some decoupage instead, and used some scrapbooking papers that I had stashed away. Some butterflies cut out with my old trusty Big Shot, and I was nearly done. Just one more thing...I wanted to add a bird box to the tree mural, but again, wanted to be thrifty in doing so. I used a recycled box that I picked up from a local shop's rubbish pile, and refashioned it into a bird box. The cost: Totally free, and it was a labour of love.

After a good tidy and clear out, Lauren's room has had a mini make-over, and she is delighted. She now has a big girl desk in her room, and is all set for going up a year in school. I'm hoping for many productive hours spent here!

No room make-over is complete without finishing touches. Re-using items you already have in a new and fresh way, not only saves pennies, but can be very satisfying. Last year a made a little bird for Lauren's birthday, and only now does it have pride of place in the tree!

I found the lampshade in a thrift shop a while back. I cut off the existing tassels, and made a new trimming with some fabric. I made the rose and hot glued it on the shade, and voila, a new lamp!

I loved the pink stripes in this sheet when I picked it up in a charity shop. I cut it in half and made a "window dressing" to frame Lauren's dressing table.

One of my favourite things in the whole world to use, is transfers. You can jazz up just about anything, and it always looks like you put in a lot more effort than you did! Teamed up with some metal door jewelry that I bought from Greenwich market many years ago, I added some words of inspiration to the wall. Finally, these little frames are being used. I never knew what to do with them!

So, one room is done, two more to go! Hope you've enjoyed this little tour.

Next week I will be featuring the lovely Sarah Ruppin from Rehab Vintage...very exciting! Keep an eye out, as I'm sure you'll enjoy meeting her as much as I did. Have a very happy, blessed day!


  1. This is gorgeous. Could I put a link to it on my blog? It is so beatiful, I want eevryone to see it!

  2. Aaaw...thanks hun! Link away! x

  3. oh my word!!!...mrs egan!!....this is so lovely!..the things you get up to when i am not around!..can't wait to see it when i get back!xXx

  4. you really are an inspiration, what beautiful rooms (just had a look at nathan's one!)xxx


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